Mission Eye Care is proud to support Canadian Vision Care, an eye care charity that provides eyeglasses and eye care to the underprivileged around the world. When you purchases glasses from us, we donate an eye exam or a pair of glasses to someone in need. You are provided with a numbered authenticity card which we purchase from the charity, with all proceeds going towards eye care in the developing world. We are proud to support this charity which has administrative costs below 5%.

Dr. Ahmed is an active volunteer with Canadian Vision Care and travels to the West Indies every November to provide free eye care to school children and needy adults. The charity goes down with ready-made glasses and a team of 15-20 optometrists and opticians who fan out across rural Jamaica to conduct their eye exam clinics with the help of the local Lions clubs. If the ready-made glasses are not sufficient, the charity will send down a pair of custom prescription glasses so that every person tested can benefit from clear vision to lead a productive life, You can learn more about the charity at www.canadianvisioncare.com and pictures of the various missions are found on their facebook page.

You can also see Dr. Ahmed’s pictures from his missions on our practice facebook page.