A woman chooses the right eyeglasses to fit her face

How To Choose The Right Eyeglass Frames

We asked our our optical consultants for advice to help you choose frames that best suit your facial characteristics and convey the image you want the world to see. Here are the 5 tips that we recommend when choosing a new pair of eyeglasses:

1. Choose frames that contrast your face shape

The general rule is to choose the opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a an angular or square face, then round frames are a good fit. If you have a round or oval face, consider going with a pair of rectangular frames.

2. Choose temples based on face shape

If you have an oval face, choose temples that insert centrally on the frame front, with thicker design, decoration or contrasting colour. For shorter faces, select thinner, lighter temples that insert higher up on the frame front. This will help balance the appearance of your face shape and size.

3. Choose frames that centre your eyes

If your eyes appear too close to the inner corner of the frames, you will look cross-eyed. If your eyes appear too far towards the outside corners of the frames, then the glasses will look too small. In addition, poor concentration will make your lenses thick and heavy, especially in higher prescriptions.

4. Choose frames that fit your nose

Because you are making an investment in something that sits on your face all day, you’ll want to make sure that they are comfortable! Selecting the proper nose bridge size and contour is critical in order to avoid glasses that constantly slip down your nose, leave red marks, or cause your eyelashes to touch the lenses. Plastic frames are especially important to try on as the bridge cannot be adjusted. This is where your optical consultant is invaluable in the frame selection process.

5. Choose frame colour based on your skin tone

If your skin tone is warm, choose frames in colours such as greens, browns, oranges and gold. If you have a cooler complexion, then purples, greys, blues, and silver are all good options. There is no substitute for trying on a frame to see how it works with your eye colour too!

Use these five tips and the help of our highly skilled eyewear consultants to help you choose the right eyeglasses from the brands we carry below!