Anti-Aging Treatments in Calgary

Aesthetic Treatments in Calgary

Eye and Facial Aesthetic Services

Put your best face forward at our eye spa and explore our eye and facial aesthetics services!! We have technologies such as IPL, radio-frequency skin tightening and an array of medical grade cosmeceuticals to help you look younger and more vibrant.

  • IPL treatments for reduction of facial redness (rosacea) and to even out skin tone
  • RF treatments to smooth out and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Medical grade cosmeceuticals and skin care products including hydroxyquinone for dark circles
  • COMING SOON: Botox and fillers

We can discuss the wide array of options available to help you look and feel your best!

Radio-Frequency Therapy for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Crows’ Feet
  • Fine lines and eye wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of bags under the eyes.

While most skin care professionals understand the basics of facial aesthetics, nobody is better suited to understand the eyelid and surrounding anatomy than your eye doctor. Best results are generally achieved with 3-4 treatments which can range in length from 30-90 minutes depending on how much of the face is being treated.

How does Radio-Frequency work?

An ultrasound gel is applied and the skin will feel warm during the approximately 20-minute procedure. A handpiece is slowly moved around the eye area that delivers focused radio-frequency (RF) energy to the skin’s surface and subcutaneous layers. The energy is delivered just below the surface of the skin and stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts which causes the collagen fibers to contract inducing immediate skin tightening. This RF energy also stimulates natural collagen and elastin regeneration resulting in substantial improvement in the appearance of wrinkles over time. Long term results are generally achieved with 4 sessions about 1 month apart with touch up treatments every few months as desired.

A before and after photo of radio frequency to remove crows' feet around the eyes
A before and after photo showing how radio frequency reduces wrinkles on the eyelids

Intense Pulsed Light for Redness, Pigmented and Vascular Lesions

  • Facial and Ocular Rosacea
  • Uneven skin pigment, stable red or brown spots
  • Improve the evenness of skin color, tone and texture

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is ideal for redness and skin mottling in fair skinned individuals. Best results are generally achieved with 3-4 treatments which can range in length from 10-20 minutes depending on how much of the face is being treated.

How does IPL work?

IPL (intense pulsed light) acts similarly to a laser but it contains a range of wavelengths as opposed to only one. This allows the light to selectively pass through lighter tissue and be absorbed by pigments such as melanin (dark spots) and hemoglobin (blood). By targeting and destroying these pigments, unsightly spots and small blood vessels are reduced in appearance, giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance as seen in this before and after picture.


A before and after photo of IPL (intense pulsed light) used on the face to reduce redness

Anti-Aging and Skin Care

If you want a non-procedural option for younger looking skin, we now carry the Vivier Skin™ line of medical grade cosmeceuticals. We have options to treat many skin conditions including

  • Redness (often associated with rosacea and aging)
  • Fine lines and thinning skin (see video below)
  • Dark circles under the eyes and/or those that desire a lighter and more vibrant skin tone

These are not simple cosmetics or cover ups. These are scientifically engineered, pharmaceutical grade products that contain molecules specially formulated to rejuvenate the skin. Ask us which options may be right for you.

How does Vitamin C help your skin?

The main factors contributing to skin aging are free radicals and oxidative stress. This stress can come from the environment, your diet, and your lifestyle. Vitamin C is well known as a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. When combined with certain polyamines, it creates a synergistic effect that helps increase collagen production resulting in smoother skin and the reduction of fine lines and small wrinkles.

Vitamin C will also work in synergy with our sunscreens to give maximum protection and help to prevent future damage. It is known to also help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, as well as help fade brown and age spots.

Vivier™ has developed a new anti-aging line with USP grade Vitamin C and a proprietary molecule called Polyamin-DAB™. They work to help repair the cellular DNA, activate collagen, restore antioxidant levels and make growth factors more efficient. The result of all this is increased firmness and hydration with more plump, elastic and youthful skin. With regular application, you will notice that skin texture is smoother and firmer resulting in a more even skin tone with a youthful glow.

An independent study showed that Vivier™ serums delivered 3 to 5 times more Vitamin C into the dermis and epidermis vs the competition. We chose to carry this line of serums because of its pharmaceutical grade purity and efficacy, its proven results, and best of all, it is Canadian!

An image shows how vitamin c serum can revitalize your skin

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