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NEW – Radio-frequency therapy for Dry eyes and facial aesthetics

This new and emerging treatment for dry eye can also reduce the appearance of

  • Crows’ Feet
  • Fine lines and Eye Wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of bags under the eyes.

While most skin care professionals understand the basics of facial aesthetics, nobody is better suited to understand the eyelid and surrounding anatomy than your eye doctor.

How Does it Work?

The technician will slowly move a handpiece around the eye area that delivers focused RF energy to the skin surface and subcutaneous layers. An ultrasound gel is used for comfort and the skin will feel warm during the approximately 20-minute procedure. The energy is delivered just below the surface of the skin and stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts which causes the collagen fibers to contract inducing immediate skin tightening. This RF energy also stimulates natural collagen and elastin regeneration resulting in substantial improvement in the appearance of wrinkles over time. Long term results are generally achieved with 4 sessions about 1 month apart with touch up treatments every few months as desired.