At Mission Eye Care, we stay on the cutting edge of contact lens technology to ensure you are fit with the best contact lenses for your unique eyes. Remember, not every “brand” is right for everyone… contact lenses must be professionally fitted to ensure proper tear exchange, proper oxygen transmission, and proper compatibility with your unique tear chemistry, and of course, proper vision! Choosing the right Contact Lenses in Calgary can be challenging due to our dry climate, but through our years of experience, we will determine the right lens material and care system to provide you with all day comfort.

NEW – Subscription Contact Lens Delivery

Do you want the convenience of contacts delivered as you need them without the up-front cost of an annual supply? Get daily disposable contact lenses right to your door for as little as $40/month. Call our office to learn more. If you are already set up for subscription ordering, click the subscription contacts button below.

The doctor will fit you with the contact lenses and solution care system deemed most suitable, and then follow-up to ensure proper fit and compatibility. We have access to ALL manufacturers’ products and will ensure that you are in the right lenses for your prescription, visual demands, and lifestyle. For your convenience, you can also reorder contacts online and have them delivered right to your door!

We also specialize in multifocal lenses for crisp, clear vision at distance, intermediate, and near. There are many new lens technologies including those that work for patients with astigmatism who have never before been able to use a multifocal contact lens!

If you have never worn contact lenses before, we will take the time to train you on the proper insertion, removal and care of your lenses. If you forget any of the instructions from your fitting appointment, we have provided some video links for you here:

And remember to NEVER wear your contacts if your eyes are red or irritated, phone us at 403-440-1234 if you have any questions. We can generally see you the same day if you suspect a problem with your eyes.