Lens Technology

All lenses are not created equal… At Mission Eye Care, we pride ourselves on our expertise in determining the right lens for your unique visual demands.  Unlike most chain stores and online websites, our optical staff have the skills and training to help you choose the right lens and the right coating for your needs. We have access to ALL lens designs and ALL materials, and our optical experts are always up to date with the latest technological advancements.

From lightweight plastic lenses with a surface harder than glass… to specialty office multifocal lenses custom designed for the exact working distance of your computer. Our new hi-tech optical measurement system takes detailed measurements of your frame shape, frame tilt, the distance from the lens to your eyes, the centration of your pupil in the frame, and the way you move your eyes.  All of these measurements combine to give you crystal clear vision that is impossible to achieve with just a simple “PD” measurement.  Click below to see some of the lens options available.

We will also go over the latest data on HEV (High Energy Visible) light and its potential for long-term eye damage. This type of light is emitted by LED backlit devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. With so much time spent looking at these devices, it is important to consider blue-light blocking lens coatings to reduce your exposure.

At Mission Eye Care, all of our premium lenses come with an unconditional 2 year warranty!  We believe that your vision is your most precious sense… and your eyes deserve the best quality lenses.  Since everyone has a unique prescription and unique visual demands, our highly trained optical consultants will explain which lens materials and designs are right for you!