Eye Exams and Eye Health Assessments using Digital Imaging & Modern Diagnostic Equipment

An eye exam is much more than just a prescription for glasses. In fact, 1 in 7 Canadians with no symptoms have an undiagnosed and possibly preventable eye condition. Routine eye exams Calgary appointments are the best way to catch eye disease before it is too late to treat. 

At the Mission Eye Care clinic, we provide comprehensive eye exams specifically designed for each stage of life, from children and teens, to adults and seniors.

For all ages, we at Mission Eye Care provide the full spectrum of eye care services including:

  • Routine Eye Health and Vision examinations
  • Digital Imaging of the external and internal structures of the eye
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to monitor subretinal and optic nerve disease
  • Visual Field testing and analysis and treatment for Glaucoma
  • Routine and Specialty Contact Lens Fittings and Follow-up Care
  • Ocular Disease Management including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Diabetes
  • Eye infection, inflammation and other related treatment including foreign object removal
  • Dry Eye therapy including punctual plugs, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition counseling
  • Pre- and Post-Operative care for Cataract, Laser, and other Anterior Segment Surgery
  • On-site co-management and referral for Ophthalmology services

We are conveniently located close to Calgary’s Downtown core and Macleod Trail, and also offer EVENING and WEEKEND appointments to fit your busy lifestyle. 

Eye infections or medically necessary visits for ALL patients are also covered by Alberta Health. Although they do not cover routine eye examinations and contact lens services, many private or employee health insurance benefit plans will pay for all or most of these services. Our office can direct bill most 3rd party insurance plans for your convenience.

With on-site ophthalmologic and surgical services, our central Calgary location at the Holy Cross centre is ideal for treating problems quickly and efficiently with referral to specialists if needed.