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Step inside our modern, spacious office with over 1500 frames, 300 sunglasses, 4 fully equipped exams rooms, 4 diagnostic testing rooms with advanced imaging equipment. We also have a dedicated contact lens area and over 10,000 contact lenses in stock to meet the needs of 95% of our patients without waiting.

Our office has had to adapt and change in this COVID-19 era. Although we have always followed good infection control protocol, we thought you should know some of the ways we are keeping everyone safe:

COVID-19 Safety Protocols


  • Patient flow and seating are controlled to maintain 2m distancing in common areas
  • All staff and patients are required to wear masks and keep hands clean through regular handwashing and/or hand sanitizers located throughout the office
  • Common area surfaces are disinfected regularly and all patient care areas are sanitized between patients
  • Shields are used in areas where patients and staff will be closer than 2m. This includes optical desks, contact lens areas and on all examination equipment where possible
  • Appointments are spaced out to minimize the risk of community transmission
  • All eyewear is cleaned between patients to ensure an anxiety-free shopping experience
  • Staff are trained on infection control and compliant with regulatory guidelines

Our goal is to give you the same quality care and attention, without fear or anxiety, in a safe and enjoyable health care environment.

The seating has changed, but you can still take a virtual tour of our office below!

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