Sports and Protective Eyewear

Prescription Safety Glasses & Sports Goggles

There’s a reason that you don’t wear the same clothes for sports that you do for work, and your eyewear should be no different.

When it comes to specialty sport goggles and protective eyewear, we have both the selection and the expertise to make sure you are in the right product for your visual demands. We carry a wide selection of protective and performance eyewear specifically designed for:

  • Driving, motorbiking, cycling, running, hiking
  • Boating, fishing, outdoor sports
  • Swimming and Diving
  • Basketball, baseball, soccer, racquet sports
  • Safety – electrical, mechanical, construction, landscaping
The Eyesafe Logo for protective eyewear with the tagline "your safety is our vision"

Our office is a proud supporter of Eyesafe™️, a free prescription safety glass program, which is administered by the Alberta Association of Optometrists

A pair of Adidas sports performance eyewear with handband at Mission Eye Care in Calgary.

Let us show you the benefits of having the right eyewear for the task at hand. Most prescriptions can be accommodated either via custom made lens inserts, or directly into the frame itself. We deal with a variety of performance and sports eyewear suppliers including Oakley and Maui Jim.

We carry a large selection in office, so come try them on and let one of our lens experts help you decide what would work best for your sport and lifestyle demands.

A stylish pair of brand name safety glasses for work.

Who says safety glasses need to be ugly? With new models coming into stock from our suppliers, we can having you looking good at work too! All of our sports and safety eyewear are 100% UV protected with impact resistant lenses that meet ANSI and Z87 standards as required. 

Many Alberta employers provide safety eyewear benefits, so make sure to check with them. If they are not already an Eyesafe™️ approved provider, ask them to enroll their company on the site for free. Once enrolled, follow these steps to get your safety eyewear, and then book an appointment to get your eyes checked.

What to know before buying Safety Glasses

  • Let our opticians know about the hazards you face in your work environment, such as dust, chemicals, flying debris and/or fine particles.
  • Mention other environmental challenges such as extreme temperatures, being outdoors, sun exposure, humidity or wet conditions.
  • Explain the average number of hours each day that you will wear your safety eyewear.

When trying on various frames, it’s important to focus on more than just how the eyewear looks.

Some frames allow greater peripheral vision. Your frames should match the peripheral vision needed for your work environment.

If your work environment requires a full seal or dust dam, both will provide greater protection and more comfort if you are wearing safety eyewear for long periods of time.

The clinic staff will help you find the Perfect Fit. Frames come in many shapes and sizes allowing us to find a fit that works best for you.

Manufacturing your order will take five to 10 business days, depending on your prescription, lens and frame choices. Our goal is accuracy and quality to ensure we meet Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety requirements and your employer’s policy guidelines.

We encourage you to take a look at the Eyesafe™️ Catalogue online. We carry a number of models but if there is a frame you would like, we can certainly order it for you to try on. Just remember, while you may like the look of a frame, our opticians can advise you on whether the frame will provide the best fit and protection for you.

Not every prescription can be accommodated in some wraparound frame styles. The first step is to get an eye exam and discuss your safety needs with one of our optometrists. We will then work with one of our opticians to find the options that will work for your unique prescription and workplace or safety demands.