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Which contact lenses are best?

We take pride in our expertise in fitting the right contact lenses for your lifestyle and vision needs.  Remember, not every “brand” is right for everyone. Your lenses will be professionally fitted to ensure proper tear exchange, oxygen transmission, and compatibility with your unique tear chemistry.

Contact Lenses in Calgary can be challenging due to our dry climate, but through our years of experience, we will determine the right lens material and care system to provide you with all day comfort. We offer the latest technology in contact lenses for astigmatism and progressive contact lenses for clear vision at all distances. We also pride ourselves on our contact lens pricing guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about ordering on those “other” websites!

Types of Contact Lenses

There are contact lenses to suit almost every vision need nowadays. Although most patients wear soft disposable lenses because of convenience and ease of care, there are many other options:

  • Daily Disposables

    Now available for astigmatism and multifocal patients, these single use lenses are the most convenient lens option. No care, no hassle, great for vacations and water sports – simply throw them away at the end of the day. You can even collect your lens packaging and drop it off at our office for recycling!

  • Monthly and Bi-weekly Disposables

    Also available for astigmatism and multifocal patients, these re-useable lenses are a cost-effective and convenient lens option. Although they require daily cleaning with contact lens solutions, they are great for those on a budget or those wearing lenses for less than a few hours per day. For those with single vision needs, they are even available in colors (see color studio link below)!

  • Yearly replacement Lenses

    Some of us with complex prescriptions just can’t get good vision with conventional disposables. Thankfully we can still order custom contact lenses for those who need them. Nowadays we can order the same highly breathable materials available in disposable lenses for safe lens wear. These lenses require more maintenance to last longer and warranties are offered in case you rip or lose them!

  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses

    These lenses have been around for decades and offer better optics than soft lenses. They are easy to clean, easy to handle, and last for many years with good care and maintenance. Because they are custom made, almost every vision need can be accommodated. These lenses are also ideal for irregular corneas associated with keratoconus and corneal transplant. Although it takes a few days, patients quickly get used to the feeling of these lenses in their eyes. They are not suitable for sports or those who work in windy, dirty or dusty environments because they are more easily dislodged than soft lenses.

  • Hybrid lenses

    These lenses are the best of both worlds. The optics of rigid lenses with the comfort of soft lenses. They are designed for certain types of astigmatism and are also available in multifocal designs. These lenses are also ideal for irregular corneas associated with keratoconus and corneal transplant. Read more on specialty contact lenses.

  • Scleral lenses

    These lenses are the designed to completely correct the optics of the eye. They are completely customized for your corneal shape and are extremely comfortable to wear. They can correct regular and irregular astigmatism and are ideal for those with irregular corneas associated with keratoconus and corneal transplant. They are provide the best optics even for normal eyes and are also available in multifocal designs that are superior to any other type of lens. These lenses are provide a moisture barrier and are great for those suffering from dry eye disease. Read more about scleral lenses.

We will train you on all you need to know about handling and caring for your contact lenses. We have provided some handy videos above in case you forget anything you were taught.

If you want freedom from glasses or contacts during the day, consider an orthokeratology fitting with one of our residency trained doctors. If you have keratoconus or are looking for specialty lenses for corneal disease or complex vision needs, we recommend booking an appointment.

And remember to NEVER wear your contacts if your eyes are red or irritated, phone us at 403-440-1234 if you have any questions. We can usually see you the same day if you have any pain or urgent issue.