What are Neurolenses

At least 2/3 of people experience the symptoms of eye misalignment, and that number grows as we continue to spend more time on digital devices. Even small misalignments can cause painful symptoms such as:

  • Headaches, neck stiffness, upper back pain
  • Eye Strain and Fatigue
  • Dry, burning eyes
  • Irritability and lack of focus

This is due to overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve as the eyes work hard to combine the images from both eyes. Small misalignments associated with prolonged near work make the nervous system work overtime, leading to these and other symptoms.

The Science behind Neurolens

These lenses take into account the small misalignment of the eyes when they are focused at near. There are 6 muscles that control our eye movements, all of which have to work in unison to give us a single clear image. The eyes have to “converge” at near to maintain a single image. This causes a tremendous amount of strain over a long day in front of screens.

By accurately aligning the images at near, these lenses reduce the amount of stress on the brain and visual system have much less stress, calming the trigeminal nerve and reducing or eliminating strain.


How we measure the misalignment

We are proud to be the first eye clinic in Calgary to offer our patients the most accurate eye deviation measurements available using the latest diagnostic instrument on the market. The N3 VR device is a technological breakthrough, using cutting-edge eye tracking to identify eye misalignment using 10,000 data points per patient.

This data is then used to design a lens that incorporates this “contoured prism” that allows your eyes to obtain alignment at near without excessive strain on the eye muscles. This in turn reduces stimulation of the trigeminal nerve and calms down the associated tension and stiffness.

The results speak for themselves

Since introducing these lenses in late 2022, we have been able to provide relief for a number of patients who had been suffering with strain for years. This included a number of dry eye patients who had a dysfunctional blink associated with the overstimulation of their nervous system. We are also seeing post-concussion patients and those with neck and upper back pain find tremendous success with these lenses.

Take the quiz to see if you might find relief from neurolenses. Then come back to this page and book a visit. We are so confident in the results, that for the right candidates, we can also offer a 100% money back guarantee!