What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology (also known as OrthoK, OK, corneal reshaping, corneal refractive therapy, CRT, and vision shaping treatment) is a non-surgical method to correct vision using custom-designed rigid lenses. These lenses are worn overnight to gently and temporarily modify the curvature of the cornea to allow for clear vision during the day! Modern Ortho-K lenses are made of breathable rigid lens materials to allow for safe overnight wear. When cared for and cleaned properly, the risk of infection is less than 1%.

Mission Eye Care in Calgary is the only clinic in Canada that has 2 optometrists residency trained in fitting all types of custom specialty contact lenses – including Orthokeratology for myopia control.

Side by side comparison shows how orthokeratology can reshape the cornea

How does OrthoK work?

These custom designed lenses are worn overnight. When taken out in the morning, the change in corneal curvature effectively corrects your vision and allows freedom from glasses!

The effect generally lasts the entire day provided the lenses are worn every night. These lenses can be used at any age to allow freedom from glasses, but the most common clinical application of OrthoK is in children. These lenses are designed to reduce myopia (nearsightedness), effectively slowing down elongation of the eye. You can read more about myopia control in Calgary. There is no age limit on who can wear orthokeratology lenses, but we generally start as soon as myopic changes are noted, often as early as age 7. When used as directed and fit by an experienced optometrist, OrthoK is a safe and effective option for refractive error correction and slowing of myopic progression.

A teen girl at an eye exam discusses ortho k

Specialty contact lens fitting

The optometrists at Mission Eye Care in Calgary are experts in myopia control. We are proud to be the only clinic in Canada with two eye doctors residency trained in specialty contact lens fitting. They have extensive research backgrounds and clinical experience in the area of corneal reshaping and myopia management. We would be happy to discuss any questions you have on OrthoK and see if it may be right for you or your child.