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We hand select every frame in our gallery!

If you are looking for eyeglasses in Calgary we’ve got frames in every style and trend.  There are generally 4 big frame releases per year corresponding to the big industry trade shows in Milan, Paris, New York and Las Vegas. We either shop the shows ourselves or get our vendors to refresh our gallery with the latest releases. This ensures we can offer you the latest styles well ahead of the mainstream fashion trends.

There is a lot that goes into the materials and manufacturing of quality eyewear, you can read more in our blog article here. We only carry well made frames and offer a full one year warranty against any frame defects from normal use. Let our highly educated optical consultants show you the differences in construction and materials at different price points so you can make an informed choice. We carry frames from $50 to over $500 to suit every taste and budget. We also pride ourselves on our unique product lines that cannot be found at mass market merchandisers.

Shop our selection of glasses from classic vintage to modern and trendy.

2021 Eyeglasses Trends

Scroll down to see a list of all our brands, but first, a few trends in eyeglass styles this season…

Retro Round

The nostalgia feeling of retro frames is not going anywhere this coming season. Though retro round glasses have been in trend since the past several years, the metal-rimmed round frames from the 80s and 90s are getting more attention this year. Update your round with novelty design elements like crystal embellishments or brightly colored lenses!

XXL Oversized

Another ode to the 70s, XXL square frames are continuing to make a statement this season. Enhance the look by investing in styles with luxurious neutral tones like rich browns and blacks for an elevated feel. An incredible variety of over-sized frames clearly shows that the pandemic has affected this year’s eyewear trends with large face-shielding virus particle blockers! Come see the new Victoria Beckham collection and the trend-setting huge frames iconic to the brand.

Geometric Shapes

Ditching those micro frames that were trending last year, the eyewear market has presented more wearable options with added funk. Geometric glasses like octagon, hexagon, square and even circles inside pentagons like these Andy Wolf frames pictured here. These are excellent to highlight or accentuate your facial features, especially if you have a round face. These shapes are perfect for adding some spice to your next zoom meeting!

Pantone Colors of the Year

In a year when we learned to expect the unexpected, Pantone went and switched it up on us by announcing not one but two colors of the year 2021. And they are not colors we would have guessed – GRAY and YELLOW. Ultimate gray is practical and rock solid, while illuminating is warming and optimistic. Combined they represent strength and positivity. We cannot wait to see more of this uplifting color combination in the months ahead.

Eyeglasses Brands at Mission Eye Care

We carry all your favourite designer eyeglasses brands: Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Tiffany, Prada, Oakley, Michael Kors and many more, over 1500 frames in all!



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