Finding the perfect Frame for your YYC lifestyle

There are many web articles about face shape and what to choose for eyewear shapes and colors. The traditional advice has been to go opposite to your face shape… round frames on square faces and squarer shapes on rounder faces so as not to make your face look more round or more square. The other traditional advice is using cool tones (blues and blacks) on pale skin, and warmer tones (reds and browns) on those with more skin pigment. But why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Our advice… don’t worry about the shape, you can be a rule-breaker! We have a round faced staff member whose favorite frame is round. This is also the frame that she gets the most compliments on. Why… because she OWNS it. What makes a frame beautiful is not the shape or color, but the confidence you exude when you find that perfect frame. This is something that our expert optical consultants have years of experience helping you do. Frame shapes should exaggerate your best features. Brow game strong? A butterfly or heavier top line frame with embellishments of metal, color or even crystals brings attention to the brow area. Trust us to help you find your best look.

It’s the finer details in a frame that often make or break the final look. For instance, classic black plastic (acetate) frames are timeless and elegant, but there is often a “shadow” created, showing up as a grayish reflection on your skin. The ultimate result takes away the sparkle of your beautiful eyes. Our consultants will notice these effects and instead choose a black frame with a clear or lighter colored laminated plastic on the back, restoring a vibrant look that accents your eyes and skin tone.

Another colorful tip – a bright or pastel color in your frame can have the same effect as a great lipstick – giving your face AND mood a little boost! Tortoise is still hot, but they are not just in brown anymore… come check out the latest in pink, gold, blue and even clear tortoise patterns.

Consider choosing a frame color that you DON’T have a lot of in your wardrobe… why you ask? So you don’t feel compelled to match your frame to your outfit, a mistake many of us make. For example, if you tend to wear a lot of black (or any neutral for that matter), consider a muted rose gold metal frame or a classic red cat eye – then your eyewear becomes a fashion accessory that is guaranteed to get a lot of compliments!

Lastly, think about the situation you will be wearing your frames in. Mostly at the office? Then a classic design and color may be appropriate, but fine details with metal accents can add a touch of class and make you stand out from the rest of the suits! If you live a more artistic or creative life and like to make a statement, choose a second pair in a quirky color or fanciful shape. We make it easy with our deep second pair discounts! Whatever you choose, the team at Mission Eye Care will ensure that you own your choice with confidence!

Get in touch today and OWN your look!

Picture of Harry, Managing Optician

Harry, Managing Optician

Harry has been an integral member of the Mission Eye Care Team for almost a decade. He manages our optical inventory mix, brands and team of expert opticians. He knows what lenses work best and is also a wizard with picking out that perfect frame!