A young girl follows screen time recommendations to protect her eyes

Screen Time for Kids

The Canadian Association of Optometrists published a position statement in 2017 on the use of digital device screens by children. Here are their recommendations by age. Screen Time Recommendations Take Breaks Breaks every 30 minutes, stand up and stretch, walk around and get some water. Good Posture Set up good workstation ergonomics: The child’s feet […]

Nutrition and Eye Vitamins

As optometrists, we believe strongly in preventative care.  This is because many eye diseases are preventable, and some eye diseases have no cure.  Our doctors can provide you with information on what you can do to reduce the risk of developing preventable eye disease. Lifestyle and nutrition factors play a huge role in your likelihood […]

A woman buys new glasses while she is out shopping

Why is there a large range in Eyewear Pricing?

Why do some glasses cost $39 and others over $1000?  How can I tell if I am getting good value? These are great questions, and we have straight answers. Frame Materials and Construction As with most consumer goods, there will always be something for every budget. Lower grade frames can be sourced from China for […]

A beautiful woman wears black framed glasses

Finding the perfect Frame for your YYC lifestyle

There are many web articles about face shape and what to choose for eyewear shapes and colors. The traditional advice has been to go opposite to your face shape… round frames on square faces and squarer shapes on rounder faces so as not to make your face look more round or more square. The other […]

Eye Exams Calgary with Mission Eye Care

Why do I need an eye exam if I see clearly?

Seeing the eye doctor is about much more than just a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Although a reduction in vision is what prompts most of us to book an appointment, it is a poor gauge of eye health. It is important to remember that many eye diseases have no symptoms, and vision and […]

A man wears good quality sunglasses with UV protection

Don’t forget Sunglasses with that Sunscreen!

Most people are in the habit of applying sunscreen while outdoors, yet protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of UV is often forgotten. Excessive acute amounts of UV can lead to photokeratitis, or sunburn, to the important corneal structure at the front of the eye. Furthermore, cumulative exposure to UV over a lifetime can […]

A red headed little girl wears new glasses for myopia control and is smiling

Are We Failing Our Children? Why Myopia Management is not optional.

As a parent of a young child, the majority of my daily decisions revolve around keeping my toddler’s schedule (and sanity) while pursuing my career goals as an Optometrist. And when struggling to keep up with this grind, I ask myself, are my efforts to contribute to a decent quality of life for my child […]